Friday, December 23, 2016

Tree Cutting Day - 2016

Time to cut!
It's the big day for those who purchased our Old Fashioned Christmas Package! Tree Cutting Day!

We all load up in our cars and head into the mountains just outside or Roosevelt National Forest. The road gets steep and the snow gets deep. Those with two wheel drive have to bail out and pile in the lodge truck or in one of our four wheel drive vehicles. We keep winding up into the forest and finally arrive! The hot cocoa comes out, the donuts are unboxed, we pass out the saws and point everyone in the right direction... It's time to cut your tree!

This is a truly wonderful experience for families spending their Christmas here at McGregor Mountain Lodge. Traipsing through the snow with your loved ones to find that perfect tree that will add that ever-so-important Christmas cheer to their cabin. Once they pick their tree most families take a family photo in front of it, then take it back to the truck where we label it, and load it up!

After some time playing in the snow and finishing off the donuts and cocoa, we head back to the lodge to deliver the trees to their respective cabins. Our staff follows behind and sets the trees up in our guests cabin(s) all ready for the family's decorating expertise! Most families choose to head out into the park for a day of snowshoeing and maybe some more sledding before coming back to the lodge to begin the decorating!

If you're interested in booking the Old Fashioned Christmas Package, give us a call at 800.835.8439 for more details, or visit our Specials and Packages page on the site here: Packages.

 A few more photos from the day...

Video from the 2015 Tree Cutting Day!


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