Monday, May 28, 2018

McGregor Guest Diaries - Vol. 1 - The Allbaughs

Al and Vicky Allbaugh have been coming to the lodge for years and years. Since about 2001.

We want to highlight some of our long time return guests and show you what makes McGregor so special to so many folks. Being a place that provides cabins in such a perfect setting isn't enough for us. We want to create an environment that speaks deeper into our guests lives. A place that offers lifelong memories and creates a sense of community that truly makes this a home away from home. After all, anyone can throw cabins up in the mountains. We want more for you. We want you to feel at home.

Al and Vicky have endless stories from their trips to McGregor. When they are here we often sit and chat for quite some time about their experiences and favorite memories of McGregor and Rocky Mountain National Park. We've have gotten to know them so well over the past 15+ years and it's a true joy. We've even gotten to know their kids and many of their friends who they have referred to us here at the lodge.

We do this for a reason, and Al and Vicky are quite the testament to what keeps us going year after year. It's them. It's you. It's this land and the love we pour into our work here.


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